Mike Miller, inventor of The Knork

Mike Miller - inventor of The Knork

Welcome to KnorkDork.com

"The mind will only take you as far as the idea...

...the rest is up to you." - Mike Miller

I woke up one morning with this saying in my head. I had never heard it before, but I immediately wrote it down. For the next several days, it kept popping up in my head as I searched for the meaning. To this day I am not sure where it came from but I do know what it means and why I awoke with it. Welcome to KnorkDork.com.

Mike Miller is the inventor of The Knork
The Journey

Find out how I came up with the idea and what I went throught to create the Knork.

The Evolution

See how the Knork was designed from the initial “borrowed” fork to the finished product.

My Ventures

Various entrepreneurial ventures besides the Knork that I am or have been involved with.